aaron morgan

I dedicate the “Mound” series to those who died in the Holocaust and have no one to remember or say “Kaddish” for them.  This work is a visual prayer for those that died at the hands of the Nazis during the Shoah.  The “Mound” series is my response to my artistic reawakening to the history of my people.  It is not about showing the horrors that occurred in the past; it is not just saying “Never Again”; it is not about my journey or my anger as a response to the Holocaust; it is about my responsibility to my people, my community, my family, my children and mostly to my grandchildren, to retell the story of the Holocaust.

Once again, as in almost every generation, tyrants have tried to destroy the Jewish people and yet we survive.  This series is my Haggadah.  My telling of the story of our horrific, unimaginable plight prepared for future generations. L’Dor V’Dor, from generation to generation.

"I see myself in the mounds."

If this were a different time, or another place, it would be me in those mounds of starving or dead humanity.  I see myself in the “Mound Paintings!” I see myself huddled with my wife and generations of my family and extended family, together with my friends and my neighbors.  They would have been the people next to me, locked in a cattle car with me, transported to a concentration camp with me, selected while being next to me and they would have worked or died being dehumanized and destroyed together with me.