Hebrew Font--Alphabet of Creation

I have designed High Holy Day Torah Covers for The Community Synagogue.  Each letter is white-on-white and each of the six Torah covers will have 22 letters wrapped around the mantles.  It is based on a tale from the Zohar.  Each letter of the alphabet besieged G_d to create "the creation" through them.  I decided to create an original Hebrew font for this work.  In this font there are 22 letters, eventually I will add the five "final" letters. The type font is called "Kotzk Bold" after my illustrious ancestor, The Kotzker Rebbe-Menachem Mendle of Kotzk

I was inspred by Ben Shahn's book "The Alphabet of Creation
After hundreds of sketches, this was my first version of the alphabet. It seemed too formal so I created the version below. For the purpose of embroidery the angles were too tight so I created the large finished version on top. Note its corners are rounder, thus easier to embroider in the applique style.
This is how the lettering will be used on the torah covers
A sample word created in the second version of the font.
The actual lettering on the Torah covers.
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