As Jews arrived from the ghettos of Europe they were forced off the trains and met their fate through the selection commandant.  In Auschwitz it was Dr. Mengele; other camps, other monsters.  In Auschwitz it was Left/Life or Right/Death. 

The center panel of the triptych is symbolic of families and friends being torn from each other.  Seventy to ninety percent of all Jews leaving their transports went to the right. Those who went to the right were exterminated almost immediately.  Those able bodied enough or with skills needed to help the Reich in any way were sent to the left.  Theirs was a living death.

It is our response to the Holocaust that leads to our responsibility to remember these facts.  We must fight the silence as the world stands by as new groups, in various parts of the world, are being selected for extermination.

Mixed media. Each panel: 13” x 13”