...I posed this question to myself.  Agonized over the ingredients;
with my wife Rochelle's help this is what was arrived at…

…Symbolic of the unborn Jewish generations never to be born
…The burnt egg is a reminder of the crematoria ovens used to complete the destruction of our martyrs

…To remember the bitterness and brutality that people were forced to endure
…To visually represent the barbed wire fences that enclosed us in inhuman killing centers; Auschwitz, Dachau, Teblinka, Bergen-Belsen…

…To represent the blue numbers tattooed into the Jewish flesh
…To honor the Danish King, his people and all the righteous individuals; exemplified by Roaul Wallenberg, Oskar Schindler, Miep Gies and Chuine Sugihara, who selfishly aided the Jewish people

…Six to embody the six million Jews destroyed by the Nazis while the world stood by and did nothing
…Dried, shriveled fruit to help us to never forget the unbearable thirst, hunger and cruel destruction of two-thirds of European Jewry

…Popular Eastern European vegetable to help us to never forget our lost heritages
…A crimson vegetable used to create borsht, a red soup reminiscent of our
flowing blood

… Yellow, to remind us of the yellow Star of David that all Jews were forced to wear.
…Large quantities of small kernels to remind us of the two million children destroyed in the "Final Solution"
What would you put on a Holocaust Seder Plate?
This photo has
the ingredients made of
ceramic so the Seder Plate
can be on public display for a
length of time.