In the book “I am Jewish” which is based on personal reflections of well known Jewish artists, scholars, leaders and personalities inspired by the last words of writer Daniel Pearl.  I was inspired by one section written by writer/publisher Martin Peretz. In his section he quotes one of his teachers, a great women of letters, Marie Syrkin. I wanted to use her poem but where could I get permission to use it? Google was a great help. I found the university that had the rights to all of her published works and they were unaware of this short poem. They did give me the information to contact her son and sister. I managed to contact her sister. They did email me permission to use the poem—I am eternally grateful!

What you see here are a few of my early sketches and my final version with the poem incorporated into the artwork.

It fits into the realm of my Holocaust related art. It is truly a call to arms for how the Jewish people should act in light of the what happened in the Holocaust.
Paint on fine water color paper
Framed- 30" x 38"