My mother was from Bialystok, my father from Lodz

"This piece is very personal to me. When I saw a Holocaust map of Poland It was the first time that I noticed that Treblinka "Death Camp" was situated between Bialystok, my mother's place of birth and Lodz, my fathers.   The camps located in Poland (Auschwitz, Belzek, Chelmno, Majdenek, Sobibor and Treblinka were all designated as "Death Camps" not "Concentration Camps." Hitler know exactly what he wanted to do with Polish Jewry.

I made sketches and worked on the photo montage from family images.  Writing the names of the death camps and my parents' birthplaces had a profound effect on me.  Thank God they left.

I recreated the "mound" to fit into the map of Poland, added the cities, camps and tied them all together with a quote by the Nazi Governor of Poland.  When I first read his quote; "All I ask of the Jews is for them to disappear." The quote told me that I had to ghost the mound figures; they had to partially disappear.  3.3 million Jews disappeared from Poland alone."

Aaron Morgan

Computer generated art