Hebrew Font--Alphabet of Creation

I have designed High Holy Day Torah Covers for The Community Synagogue.  Each letter is white-on-white and each of the six Torah covers will have 22 letters wrapped around.  It is based on a tale from the Zohar.  Each letter of the alphabet besieged G_d to create "the creation" through them.  I decided to create an original Hebrew font for this work.  In this font there are 22 letters, eventually I will add the five "final" letters. The type font is called "Kotzk Bold"
after my illustrious ancestor, The Kotzker Rebbe-Menachem Mendle of Kotzk

I was inspred by Ben Shahns book "The Alpabet of Creation
After hundreds of sketches, this was my first version of the alphabet. It seemed too formal so I created the version below. For the purpose of embroidery the angles were too tight so I created the large finished version on top.
This is how the lettering will be used on the torah covers
A sample word craeted in the second version of the font.
The actual lettering on the Torah covers