The reflection of all the “mounds” should, and is, embedded on the face of every group that stood-by knowing what was happening under the Nazi regime in Europe. “I find it difficult to fathom a world that can stand by and let it happen.  I find it more difficult to understand that it is happening again in place like Darfur and once again the world community does nothing.” --Aaron Morgan

Ceramic on wood: 28” x 12"
December 2010
Morgan was contacted by the curator of the ART in Embassies program. The program established by the United States Department of State in 1964, is a global museum that exhibits original works of art by U.S. citizens in the public rooms of approximately 180 American diplomatic residences worldwide. These exhibitions, are created with art loaned from galleries, museums, individual artists, and corporate and private collections, and play an important role in our nation's public diplomacy. They provide international audiences with a sense of the quality, scope, and diversity of American art and culture. Currently she is working on “Voices” for Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and wants works that will provoke discussion and reflection, particularly on issues of social justice and social/moral responsibility. The curator and the new Obama appointee, Ambassador Entwistle, asked for Morgan’s holocaust work “The Face of Silence and Apathy,” to be loaned for the ambassador’s residence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Ambassador Entwistle