1945, 1946 - '47, 1948

A year ago I commented on the lack of Jewish stars in my synagogue, a
congregant, actually a past president said she doesn't like to see Jewish stars; it reminds her too much of the Holocaust. That night I had an idea to change the yellow holocaust star that the Jews were forced to wear into the Israeli flag.

From 1938 to 1945 the star was a symbol of repression. From 1946-'47 it was a
hope and dream in the deportation camps throughout Europe. Finally in 1948 the star became a reality on the flag of the State of Israel. This work of art shows the evolution of the position of the star as they relate to history and time. 1945 is connected to 1946-'47 by barbed wire. Symbolic of the misery the Jews endured. The connection from 1946-'47 to 1948 is connected by a gold chain. It is symbolic of the land of milk and honey and Jerusalem the city of gold.

I created a slightly similar piece over thirty-five years ago. This one has more symbolism and I believe is a better work of art.

10" x 38" acrylic assemblage.